Friday, August 23, 2013

The Unconditional Love of a Parent

Hi guys,
I'm sitting by the window, feeling the awesome breeze on my face. So I've been sick most of this week with sinus issues (ugh) when yesterday it turned worse:Strep Throat! I had horrible back pain alongside this virus. I just felt like I had been run over by a semi-truck and had no way of getting up! I'll leave the details of that for my next post.

What I want to write about is The Unconditional Love of a Parent. As I was resting in bed, doing my best to pray, God showed me my Mom's unconditional love for ME. It's not a huge surprise to me, I mean I've always known that she loved me. But, when the Holy Spirit brings something to your attention it's not always a new revelation, but it's always an impacting one.

As I laid there, unable to move much my mom was downstairs cleaning my entire house. Sweeping, mopping, laundry, dishes, scrubbing-the whole nine. Oh and taking care of my two boys. Maybe your moms do the same for you; which would be wonderful! Or maybe not. Either way today I wasn't really thinking about ALL those things she does for me, because guess what? She always does those things for me. Yesterday she drove over to drop off some soup she made for me, along with fruit, tea and vitamins. That was nothing for her; it's her second nature to serve.

What God reminded me of in that moment was that she does all those things when I don't deserve them. I'm very aware of God's unconditional love for me which is amazing and unfathomable, but I never paid close attention to my mother's love for me. I think we always speak about a parent's love for their children, and how amazing it is etc. but today God really put it on me. I don't deserve all that my mother does for me.

Flashes of disrespect, attitudes, sarcasm, unloving, & not Christ-like times crossed my mind and I teared up. It's easy to take someone for granted when they're always there for you. It's easy to let it slip through the cracks. Sometimes we notice more when people don't "do" for us more than we notice & praise those that do do for us. So it was a beautiful reminder of God's love for me, through her. Because none of us have the ability to unconditionally love anyone without Him. He is Love; He created Love, and gives Love.

And I can honestly say I know my mother would do anything for me. And it's not because of anything I've done for her. We have a complex relationship-we're close, but we're not. At least I don't feel like I'm the greatest to her and, or have trouble reciprocating my emotions to her.  When I think of close I think of holding hands & skipping lol. Or saying my mother is my best friend or other emotional things like that and well, we haven't done that stuff. I think we bicker more than we do anything else.

 The amazing part about my mom is that I don't think her mother showed her this amazing unconditional love. I'm not really sure if anyone has?  And yet, she possesses it for her children. By the Grace of God, she Loves us with all she has.

I have learned in my walk with Christ, that my convictions have come on more strongly the more I fall in love with Him. The more I get to know Him & better understand His ways, the more I know He deserves my Best. And so today, God reminded me that my mother also loves me without any conditions. And I am convicted to love her more abundantly because she is worthy. And sometimes I don't reserve my best for her, but she ALWAYS reserves her best for me.

She will continue to love her children because she just does and there's nothing we can do to stop that. There's no way we can pay her back for any of it because it just exceeds our ability to do so.  And as I cried, I repented and then smiled thinking of her beauty. What a wonderful woman she is. What a wonderful mother she is to my brothers & I!

Undeserved. Without a price. No returns or cancellation period. Just Love. Always.

I pray she knows how worthy she is of God's love. And I can only pray to be the same type of mother she is: Nurturing, caring, forgiving, loving, and self-less.

You are the perfect gift from up above. James 1:17 God bless you and thank you.

Love me,
Love God.

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