Thursday, September 5, 2013

Daily Prayer of Expectancy.

Good afternoon :)
It's a beautiful afternoon here in Columbus, Ohio. Quiet day in the Mills household as my baby girl naps away. Well, last sunday I was given a book titled," 31 Days of Prayer by Ruth & Warren Myers. In some short minutes I am already on page 45. So yea, it's a beautiful book already.

The back of the book says,"Prayer: A Way of Life."
I think every believer knows they should be praying. And I believe every believer has said aloud, "I should be praying more." I know because I've said it too. And I've blogged about it once or twice. Or three times lol. But today's blog isn't about telling you that you should be praying more. But, really just sharing this awesome prayer in here about Daily Expectancy. The words are so flowy and amazing & I am just encouraged to slow down in my time of prayer and really remember to who I am praying to.

Well, let me just get straight to it.

Father in heaven, great and powerful and full of love, I lift my heart in praise for the privilege of coming to You in prayer. Give me special grace as I join Your exalted Son in His ministry of prayer. Search my heart, Lord, and show me if any sin is hindering Your work in my life. May I respond without delay whenever You make me conscious of sin. How grateful I am for Your total forgiveness the moment I confess my sin, turning back to You as my Lord!

And, Father, teach me to pray. How much I yearn to know Your will and Your way. I thank You that Your Son lives within me. What a joy to know that He is my teacher--that through Him I can learn to pray. I can learn to release Your boundless power for both my needs and the needs of many others, near and far. Teach me to pray.

Day by day may Your spirit work in me, motivating me to abide in Christ and pray in faith, moving Your mighty hand to fulfill Your purposes. Keep reminding me that You are able to do infinitely more than I would ever dare to ask or imagine, by Your mighty power at work within me. To You be the glory both now and forever. Amen

I reread this prayer about 4 times so far because I'm reminded of His extradordinaryness (if that's a word). I'm reminded that yes, I am a friend of God and can discuss anything to Him but the reverence shown in this prayer is encouraging. "Great & powerful & full of love." Communion with God is a privilege, let's never forget that. It's humbling to ask God to show you of your sins. It's humbling to ask God how to pray, though it seems so simple and toddlerish. And it's amazing that yes He CAN do things beyond our imagination. And of course, may He always get the glory now and forever.

Be blessed as I was, and slow down sometimes. Don't rush. Prayer can be more than a daily chore, it can be a special delight a time of giddiness with the Father ;)

Love me,
Love God.

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