Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Leaps of Faith

Hi My beautiful family,
It's been way too long since my fingers have touched this keyboard! As always, it feels great to be keying away!

All has been well over my way. New tests, glories, and adventures to say the least. Definitely been some out the box ventures going my way. Leaps of faith. This post is just a quick reminder that we should be praying about everything. I don't know about you, but I pray about smiling more, speaking better to my family, being bolder, more efficient in my home, EVERYTHING. And I sincerely believe God cares about everything small and BIG.

If it's a concern of mine, it's a concern of HIS. That's how daddies are. They just always care. Recently I've been in very unfamiliar territory, which has led me to pray and TRUST God to stay with me. And I know He will. He is always my confidence lol because sometimes I just lack it! The exciting part of course, is that I've witnessed things so far that I know are outside of me & anything I've capable of.

The bible says God makes everything beautiful in His time (Ecclesiastes 3:11). So true. There are possibilities in Him that I could and will never experience apart from Him. Because with God anything is possible (Matthew 19:26). I know that with everything I have. And so, I'm excited and looking forward to walking this out with God and giving Him all the glory in the end. Because in hard times, it is Him that graciously sees us through. It is HIS hope that keeps us walking toward that finish line.

So, if you've been feeling defeated in a situation or worse before you even enter a situation, take a step back, fall to your knees and call out to God. I do not lie when I say He wants to hear about it! He wants your trust, your heart and concerns to be placed in His hands. Don't give fear any room in your life. God is able to transform any situation, any heart, any person, conflict ANYTHING.

I will definitely keep you posted on my new season of faith and what the Lord is doing IN me :)
Have a great day loves.

Love me,
Love GOD.

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