Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Life Lessons: Rejection

I woke up this morning thinking about Rejection. Mostly how the act of Rejection can really shape & empower a person's life. Rejection has been casted into the scary, "bad" category of words. No one likes to feel rejected or to be rejected. But of course, I have found a way to appreciate it :)

You see, it is in Rejection that you can truly find yourself. Even more than just discovery you are forced to  love on yourself & find certainty. When people reject you, it hurts because it leaves you trying to figure out what's wrong with you. Thoughts of failure take over. Mental check lists of your worst "flaws" begin to haunt you. But it is in this very place that growth can take over.

When you're down, feeling your worst- the first, very natural response is to find something or someone to reassure you. To make you feel wanted & whole again. To fill in the emptiness that just took over. But I will tell you this; you are cheating the lesson. Because one day you WILL be rejected again. And unless you find your worth on your own, you'll always be dependent on someone to give you a false one.

Rejection forces you to look at yourself a little longer than normal. I didn't say condemn yourself; I said look at yourself. It's an awesome opportunity for you to see what may need improvement. Strengthening weaknesses are wonderful :) Any desire to be better is a great thing! These are the blessings in rejections-Improvements! The tricky part is staying humble though. Your new life goal is NOT just  to be better than the person who rejected you or to show the job what a fool they were for letting you go. Because guess what? You've let pride creep in. You've letter bitterness shine through. There is a way to better yourself without wanting to make others "pay" for rejecting you. If you come out of this with pride & revenge, then go back to start. Because you've let a circumstance change you; but not for the best.

Rejection can, if you let it sneak in & cause disease on the inside. I read this morning that our hearts were our strongest muscle. Whether it is or it isn't; really isn't important. But I thought; well how do we strengthen our strongest muscle? What exercise can target it? How about love? But how can you love if you're not feeling worthy? How can you love if you've stopped believing in it? How can you love if you've become bitter & hardened?.....You can't. Muscles don't completely disappear, but they can become terribly weak! It takes hard things like rejection to strengthen it. It takes loving unconditionally to strengthen it. It takes HARDSHIPS & ADVERSARIES! So exercise your heart even when it hurts!

I have felt rejection many a times in these 32 years. From all types of people. In all types of situations. But it was in these not so fun moments, that I was forced to pick up myself and convince myself that I AM STILL WORTHY. Worthy of every amazing thing this life has to offer. Worthy of every ounce of Love. Rejection will force you to be your biggest fan. And if the lesson is truly grasped; it will keep you humbled because you'll remember all the "exercises" it took you to get here. If the lesson is grasped, it will leave you full of love because it takes nothing less than love to feel whole again. Hope should be found here. Faith should be restored because you just tackled a mountain head on!

Rejection demands a high level of faith to be sure of yourself. A dose of maturity to not hate the person(s) who are rejecting you. An amount of courage to step back out again. A prick of humbleness to grow but without any spite. A firmness to stand, but resilience to get back up...Receive life's lessons, but don't cheat them. Grab a hold to each one and allow each one to purify you from the inside out....

Never give this life the power to dictate your worth. Begin each day being sure already. Before you let people affect you with ugliness; INFECT them with Love.


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