Friday, May 10, 2013

Gently Used Clothing? Yay or Nay?

What do you say? Yay or Nay????

I absolutely, whole-heartedly say YAYYYYY!
I love deals, bargains, reduced, half-off, second hand-ALLL that. Soo I wanted to write about one of my favorite second hand store, Once Upon A Child because I still meet people who have never been there before!

90-95% of all the clothes I buy for my children, ages 4,2.5, and 11 mths. have been purchased second hand and, or at Once Upon A Child. I've gone in with $100 and came out with a huge bag of clothes for all 3 kids. That's what I call a deal. I love all the cute little clothes at Target and H & M, but I remind myself that my dollar can go a lot farther at OUAC (Once Upon A Child).

My kids are growing too fast for me to try and buy everything new. Certain outfits only get their "shine" for a short period of time before they get packaged up to family, friends, donation boxes. Sometimes you can get a small portion of what you paid for, back. Sometimes. So yea, It's just not worth it to me. The only thing we buy new for our boys is shoes, and that's only because they don't have a lot of good looking shoes for sale for their sizes there. Boys their age have a hard time keeping them nice so it's hard to re-sell them.

I can still find great tops though ;) And $2-3 pajama sets and shorts. My second oldest just needed some things so I took my little savings and was able to get all this for $33, shoes included.

That's 6 tops, a pajama set, 3 shorts (one in a set) and 1 pair of decent looking pair of Jordan's. People are crazy if they think I'm getting my kids some $40 pair of shoes! They barely know their ABC's lol! I'll pass. Mommy is thinking twice about getting herself some $40 pair of shoes so I don't think so kiddo. My husband of course is on board and is sold on this being our primary store for the kids. He did ask me about that OSU jersey though, lol however I'm digging the "vintage" look ;)

They have tons of baby clothing, because it's hard to ruin those when they're that age. They have the cutest little girl's clothes which I'm excited to go back and pick up some things for my little girl. I just saw tons of swimsuit gear, sandals, flip flops, and toys! Lots of toys. I can probably count on my hands how many times I've bought them new toys in the last 4 years. A little cheap? Maybe. Somethings just aren't logical to me, like paying twice as much for things. My kids rather play with cell phones and remote controls lol.

Another thing you can do to save is ask a friend to swap with you. I've had friends and family give me their kids' clothes and then return them when I'm done for their second kid and then give back to me for my second kid lol :) Really good idea! I'm totally down with people buying second hand items for us as gifts too. Just make sure you ask the parent because not everyone is okay with this.

The least you can do is try it out! Clothes, diapers (they sell new, unused diapers), shoes, movies, books, puzzles, and baby gear gets expensive especially when you have more than one kid so visit for your nearest location. Sometimes you can even find items with the price tag still on it ;) You might as well save now while you can before they become picky with their dressing!

 I know there are at least 4 different locations here in Columbus.

Happy Friday, save some money!

Love me,
Love God.


  1. I shop second hand a lot. I realized the kids grow out of there clothes very fast.

    1. yes they do! It gets costly buying everything new only to have them outgrow it soon

  2. I second that Yaaaaayyyyy! The new term is "thifting"....LOL Me and my mom have always gone to thift shops and GoodWill's you find some very nice things. I haven't been to a yard sell in years though, I don't get up early enough on my weekends off.

    1. yes "thrifting" ;) I've found my juicer brand new at Goodwill for $12. A lot of furniture. I haven't been to one either in awhile, but my friend just scored big time with lots of baby clothes, shoes, socks for $30. Lots of stuff.

  3. A third Yayyy!! As mother we have to stretch our budget, and buying second hand clothes is a big savings for us since our kids grow so fast.