Friday, December 12, 2014

Babes & Muscles

Lol. Ok so first I have no idea why I said, "Babes & muscles." I have never even said the word babe out loud. Anyway I kind of liked the ring to it-orrr however you say.

So, almost two years ago I posted my weight loss testimony on here in hopes of inspiring others and describing in detail the difficulties I've had with my weight. We, too often judge people's current status and have no idea of their story behind the scenes; their journey. Well, I most definitely have a testimony. Check it out here: and part 2:

Today I just wanted to share that my journey continues. Mentally, emotionally I'm not in the same place as I was before-I thank God for that. I don't deal with the same depression, and overwhelming guilt that I used to. Sometimes I make bad food choices and feel bad about it, but I've learned to just keep moving. I don't have to repeat mistakes, I don't have to wake up the next day and stuff my face again. I can make a better choice the next day. And so can you. You can forget about yesterday :) and focus on TODAY. Everything in life is just one choice at a time. It's either going to be a good one or bad one, but it's up to you.

I joined a new gym this past April and have been trying to lose some weight, while gaining muscle. I had no idea what I was doing lol. The pounds weren't coming off, my clothes fit pretty well and from the outside I looked fine but I had gained about 10 pounds. Then in June, my beautiful friend Crissy (The Well Foundation, google it!) came and graciously picked me (and my husband) up as clients for 3 months. It was then that I learned about lifting weights and the correct order of sets and reps.

I've always been pretty active and apart of a gym but I've never really lifted weights. I did some machines, and by that some I mean like 3. Lol. For maybe 15 minutes, following lots of cardio. Through my coaching experience, I've learned that I CAN transform my body through weights. And once again, mentally I can do ALL things through Christ Jesus. I have to tell myself that because it's a hard process. Just like losing weight, lifting is a long process, a patience tester, and mental challenger. Sometimes you can see weight come off a lot faster than you can see muscles added on. Luckily, I've taken lots of pictures to help me see results because it can be discouraging when it appears nothing is changing for the better!

I currently work out 4 days a week, usually 20 minutes of cardio each session. I change it up between the stairs, treadmill on the highest incline, and fast burning exercises like box jumps/jump rope, lunge jumps.  The rest of the hour or 1.5 is dedicated to lifting. I've grown to really love the weights. I enjoy the challenge of something new and something hard. There's so much dedication that is asked of you and although it hasn't been perfect, I have put a lot of heart into this.  I am using the My Fitness Pal app to keep track of my calories and macro nutrients. Macro nutrients are Proteins, Fats, and Carbs. I've been able to lower my body fat because of this. I haven't been super strict with it these last 6 months but I've done pretty well. It's important to be aware of your fat intake, regardless if it's from good fats and to consume enough protein!

Physically any one can push themselves to do this, it just takes practice. But mentally and emotionally? That's what sets people apart in everything. Do you have enough Faith in yourself? Can you persevere through the difficult times and emotions of the process? You can do anything, if you never quit. Seems simple (it is) but people often quit prematurely. It doesn't matter how long it takes to cross the finish line-but if you BELIEVE you can; you will. I've been gaining and losing weight for a long time now, and I'm prepared to always work hard at it. Health is earned!  Fitness is earned! When I see muscular women, I don't get jealous-I rejoice with them! Because I know they earned every bit of it. And that's honorable; it's pure dedication!

So for me, it's less about how I look (although it is a plus!) and more so about what it's taken me to get here! Work! Can I do it? Yes, of course.  I've crossed a lot of barriers in my weight loss journey and I don't plan on stopping. I may not ever have a six pack but I'm okay with that. My 3 babies have left a special, soft imprint below the belly button :) 

I pray God will help me to prioritize and nudge me when or if it's becoming obsessive. And I also pray He will lead me to help others along the way because for me, that's most important. Why embark on this journey alone?  I would never want to, I need people and so do YOU. So for now, this is my project! My hobby and passion :) Physical Transformation !!!!!

****The First pic is from May to November. 139-125 lbs.

****The second pic is from June (started with my wellness coach) to November. 137-125 lbs.

Though, I see so much progress, I also see so much more work to go! 137 lbs. may sound like a small number but as you can see there was still a lot of belly/back fat up there. Lifting weights has been soooo helpful with definition.  I've been focusing on my arms and glutes heavily.  These progression pics also start from May until November....yay for a new lift!!!! Looking forward to more progression ;) 

~ Please remember to pray along the way. There's no use in changing physically if mentally you still SEE yourself the same. You may want to keep progressing, which is fine but just make sure you are rejoicing with every milestone. Don't become obsessive or dissatisfied with your results. Remember where you came from and be grateful! There's no time limit :) Your race is your race; YOU are your own referee! Let's get going!

p.s. since my last weight post 2 years ago, I have enjoyed most foods in balance. My diet is close to a grain free or Paleo one but definitely not strict. With every thing I do consume, I try my best to make sure it's the best quality:eggs,cheese, milk, honey, yogurt, chicken, turkey, fish etc. My day to day diet is simple and to the point. A meat and veggie with lots of snacks! I don't cook heavy; rarely any casseroles! Eating healthy is simple, we over complicate it ;)

Love me,
Love God.


  1. LOVE IT...You look wonderful!!!! Thanks for being an inspiration to all of us trying to do what you are doing...Get I said trying...LOL...But not only do you inspire us to be physically healthy, but mentally and spiritually too..You are a beautiful person inside and out and we need more people like you! KEEP US MOTIVATED!

    1. Again thanks Vanessa for being so sweet :) We all are just trying-so just don't ever stop TRYING!