Saturday, April 6, 2013

Time to Exhale :)

Here I am, alone Saturday evening :) Keep reading because that's not necessarily a bad thing....

I just got done having dinner with a good friend at the delicious Arepazo ( in Gahanna. It was my first time and I was very well pleased :) Latin restaurant with yummy Tapas-you have to try it....anyhoo it's always a good time when I can get together with friends and be "single." My husband and I take turns being single. Which just means we give each other time to be alone or go out with friends lol with no added responsibilities. Just a little freedom from our usual duties.

I was going to go meet up with my husband and kids over his family house when I left the restaurant but my friend was like, "I'm surprised you don't want to be alone!" Lol, it's funny how I automatically was going to go reunite with my family so that I wouldn't be alone when I got home. Then I started thinking "she's right! These alone times don't come too often, I should definitely take advantage!"

I'm not the type of person who needs a whole lot of alone time, if you can't tell already-I like being around people and talking and talking and talking lol! But, the thought of silence and me painting my nails flashed before me :) so I decided to come home and be alone! So here I am, listening to old high school music, blogging and later painting my nails. And hopefully a chic flick playing in the background. Something as simple as that can be a luxury. Moms you know how it is lol. I need a good amount of time for my nails and if my kids are awake there is NO way they're going to dry in time before I need to get my hands into something.

So moms, don't ever feel guilty for taking needed time away from your family. Our job is seriously on over drive, like every day! I'm not complaining either, it's just the nature of things. We are always busy with being Mommy. So make sure you're taking your breaks, it doesn't matter how long or how far away you are :) either. Relax and hit Reset. Truly a healthy, happy mommy/wifey is a happy friend, co-worker, sister, daughter. And truly the rest of the family will be happy :) Everyone needs Mommy!

So enjoy your Saturday-I know I will. And if you haven't already, get your alone time in ;)

p.s. Not long after writing this, proof reading and editing my family came home lol. Soooo forget the chic flick ha. But hey a 2 hour break is fine by me ;)

Love me,
Love God


  1. Love this one Jewel! We really do need time to just be alone and with our thoughts. Pampering yourself physically and emotionally is very healthy for your spirit and will make you a better mom and wife. I need to find more time for myself even just 30 minutes to work out and take a long shower or bath. Those things make a big difference.

    1. I totally agree :) pamper oneself! I can't recall if I've ever taken a long shower'??? lol My brain is hard wired for being productive & sufficient with my time. Go!Go!Go! Can't wait to relax with you gals :)