Monday, April 8, 2013

I Believe.

Happy Monday!

Well, a friend of mine text me an article written by a blogger (ChristianNews?) saying mega pastor Joel Osteen has left his Christian faith! And that he has come to the conclusion that the bible is flawed and made up; there is no proof of God.

As I read through it the first time, I didn't notice all the misspelled words or bogus websites they linked of Joel's. I was however, very very heavy after reading it. :(  How sad is it when a person loses all faith. I won't lie my faith was shook. I sometimes already feel like more & more people are turning away from their faith. And some days it seems like the world is becoming more evil and heartless.

Many days I feel alone in my convictions and concerns about the things going on around me. Do other people notice the vulgarities on TV, in schools, and on social media? Right and wrong are blending with each other. The line is getting thinner and thinner. Are other parents nervous about sending their children to school with all the foolishness going on? I am, sometimes.

After I read this hoaxed article, I thought Dear Lord, please help me! I already sometimes feel inadequate as a Christian. Unworthy and not so courageous. And I just think there will be a time where less and less people will believe. And I will have to hold on to my FAITH, my Jesus and stand strong on my Rock. It wont' be easy. It's not always easy now. New cults and ideologies are popping up left & right. New gods being birthed.  I had to remind myself that I don't believe in Christ because He's popular or because Christianity is the majority (I don't even know if it is).

There are people all over the world who confess Jesus and surely are not in the majority. It is illegal in some places to do so. But they still do it. Because He is the Truth. The Way. And He is life. I believe in Him because I know Him. I know it was His work in my life. Regardless of what the majority is, He still stands the same. He doesn't change. And our Faith shouldn't change.

But, right before I found out the article was a hoax, I made up in my mind that I Believe. Till the end, I will ALWAYS believe. I can't give you a formula for some of the things I got through. I can't fully explain the peace that overcame me in the midst of my pains and sorrow. I can't even describe the ways that my heart has transformed over the years. All I can do is look up and point to the Heavens, where my Jesus is. An where my Help came from. Revelation 12:11

Nobody can take my testimony away from me. Nobody can convince me God doesn't exist. I don't care about what you heard or what you think you know. I KNOW what I KNOW. I know who gave me this life, because believe me most of what I have, wasn't even chosen by me lol. There's much I can't take credit for! And so with that being said, I pray that you, too will hold onto your Faith till the very end! God bless :)

No One can take away your testimony...

p.s. Tomorrow will be our first "Testimony Tuesdays," where friends, family, strangers will share their testimony with you all. All  types of transformation. If you have a story you'd like to share, please send me a message :) "we shall overcome him by the words of our testimony"

Love me,
Love GOD.

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