Tuesday, April 2, 2013

No Fruits?

Hey all,
I just wanted to share a little about what I'm doing over here in Food Land. Some of you have asked about this No fruit caption I posted earlier on Facebook (Instagram pic). So, I've been seeing a doctor at OSU, Dr. Kanodia (I'll post about him later ;) and he has me reading, Dr Gundry's Diet Evolution. It's been an excellent read so far. Dr. Gundry is a heart surgeon who used to be obese and terribly out of shape. He wrote this book, which is so cool because I'm learning so much about our genes and its messages that are being sent to our brain etc etc.

I love learning new information, especially about health so it's been good so far. Anyhoo, he wrote this yes for weight loss but also as a resetting to your genes and then body. So when it's all said & done you can walk away lighter and disease free.

Anyhow, there are 3 phases and the first one is the Tear Down phrase which includes a very strict "tear down" of foods. I've had to kiss my beloved beans goodbye (Hi Nat) and fruit. Sweet potatoes and all other grains. But if you remember, I've been without grains since January (I don't miss the bread people!). Most things processed and most things sugar have got to go. Oh including my faves: tomatoes & avocados.

I've lost 5 lbs. since March 21st when I last saw my doctor and started the book. We are trying to get to the root issue of my Hypothyroidism so this is supposed to help in the research. I wanted to write about this today because I've learned a lot in these 2 weeks or so. I was 139 lbs at my last doctor visit. Which is a lot for me. I couldn't exactly see the weight on me, I felt fine but that number was bothering the heck out of me!

What was I eating to make me gain and gain and gain? Now that I've lost 5 lbs. in this short amount of time, it lets me know that I was indulging in fruits, nut butters (peanut & almond) bananas, and my beloved almond/coconut pancakes lol. I kept asking my doctor, "Why do I keep gaining weight? I eat healthy!" So, after this first Tear Down phase, I realize that too much of a good thing can be a bad thing.

Fruit has lots of goodies in it that do your body good, however there still is a lot of sugar in it. I used to think it didn't matter but it's not good for people trying to lose weight, especially belly fat. And eating too much of
anything sweet, even fruit, can cause higher blood sugar levels than we want. So I would say be careful. This Friday I can have certain fruits again, but I def will be more cautious of overindulging. I think it's better to eat your fruits in the earlier part of the day so you can easily burn it off. And it's better if you exercise on a regular basis.

So I'm not against fruit! I'm just not that person who is saying, "eat as much as you want!" In everything, moderation is key. Lesson taken!

If you want more information about Dr. Gundry's book, let me know or any other questions about the phases I'm doing :)

Love me,
Love God.


  1. I want all the info you got! Sheria

    1. Hey Sheria,
      The book is Diet Evolution, check out his website to see the breakdown of the 3 phases. Dee dee is on it too ;) hit me up for any other details :)