Monday, April 1, 2013

New Free Teen Store Launching!

So before I got married, I imagined I would forever be single, kidless and traveling the world! Lol, complete opposite of what my life actually came to be :) Thank you God for that little switcheroo. Anyhoo, I love helping all people, but I really have a heart for people in dire need. Like the homeless, imprisoned, battered, distressed, etc...

These days I haven't had much time to get out in the community as much as I would like to, but I wanted to pass this information out to you. Especially for my local peeps in the O-H-I-O, Columbus to be exact.

A friend of mine is helping to launch a free Teen store April 20th. I know of one other Free store in Columbus, which is the United Methodist Free Store on Parsons Avenue. People in the community get to "shop" for household items, clothing, and baby stuff. I have made it a point to donate particularly to this place because their items are given away free to the people and not just low priced like at thrift stores.

So the name of her store is HillTopiC. They're focusing on quality clothing, hygeine products, and accessories. They are in need of casual clothing for girls and guys & interview appropriate attire; including shoes of all sizes. Teens in our communities can receive free items as well as support from peers/other local resources.

:) If you're interested in donating gently used items, please Contact Lanna Smith at 614-572-6588 or by email   You can also just post their information & share the word so teens can receive help! Ask her for some flyers Or volunteer your time to the launching or store. Thanks guys!

Love me,
Love God.

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