Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Much Needed Time away from the World

Monday evening, just got back from my favorite store ;)
It's been a "quiet" day over here. Just me and the kids. Busy, busy, busy. So, I've decided that every thing in my life has to be 1.)In balance 2.) In Moderation and 3.) Self-Control operated

Not too long ago I wrote a post titled, "Mommyhood done in excellence" (
and I basically spilled my guts out about slacking off at home. Well, I'm not exactly slacking off now, but let's just say once again I can do better. I can always do better.

Our generation is one of "Share everything."
Share everything & anything you feel, share where you're going, what you're about etc etc!

Now don't get me wrong, I love sharing. But, a part of me is feeling like should I be sharing as much? Should certain things be held closer to my heart? Whether those things are my time with the Lord, my time with my children or whatever. Because "everybody" seems to be doing it, we as people just want to know more. What are they wearing, what are they eating, cooking? It can be addicting as well as distracting.

Maybe not you, but I'm spending my time researching different recipes, different health information, sermons, exercises blah blah blah. :) My point here is maybe I don't have to indulge in the Internet World. Maybe I don't have to be "on" it everyday. Do you ever feel like it's just too much? Some days I do. Sometimes I get on to send one message, and thirty minutes later I'm somewhere else lol.

Funny coming from someone with a Facebook account, Instagram, Twitter and blog-I know. Sometimes I'm just overwhelmed with our Era. When I first signed up on Facebook, maybe 7 years ago I would update my status once a week.  There wasn't as much talk going on lol. And we didn't have twitter where u can update your feelings every ten minutes. 

I just feel like I should only be on the Internet a couple days out the week or something. Every other day?That maybe some days should just be committed to my Family. People are always saying "I don't have enough time for this and for that," but really we have more time then we say we do. I just really would hate for my kids to get older and have to ask me to get off my phone. Or for my husband and I to be in the same rooms all the time, both on the phone. Not a pretty picture when we're trying to spend quality time together.

I don't know? The internet has many, great resources, connections and a wealth of information BUT I get overwhelmed. I can't even imagine what the next 5 years is going to look like with social media.

Wisdom is having self-control in all areas of our life. Our tongue, foods, exercise, sleep, activities:Everything.

So, this all brings me to this point. I think I should definitely come up with a good balanced schedule of Internet time. Everything Internet. What do you all think? Do you have something like this or have noticed a difference in not engaging in social media world? Well, yesterday I spent the day in my own home; not looking at other's lol. In my own kitchen, with my own kids- no "likes", no comments.

Have a great day everyone,
And remember the Bible says we Love in action and in deed. Our time is precious, are you making the most of yours?

Love me
Love God.

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