Monday, March 11, 2013

Where do I begin??? Eating for a lifetime!

Sooooooooooooooooooooo many people want to lose weight. And so many people want to lose it fast and without much work. Can I just say that quick diets, fasts/detoxes, pills are NOT the answer. I think people know that at heart, but still are tempted to ask "what's the fastest way to lose weight?"

You have to remember that for at least the past 10 (for most of us anyway) years you have been "killing" your body with junk food. Your body has been working and slaving to keep up with your unhealthy habits/lifestyles. You have to be realistic here- It's going to take more than two months to reset your body. Not to mention the amount of time that needs to be spent learning about your body, health foods, fake foods etc etc. I've learned so much from Youtubing videos, reading books, and watching documentaries. After awhile, good information starts to lap each other. Intertwine. That's the fun part- Confirmed facts!

These were excellent documentaries: Supersize Me, Food Inc., Food Matters, Fat sick and Nearly Dead, Hungry for Change, and Forks over Knives.
I would start there. Take the time to check these out; pull out a notebook and pen and LEARN. Many of these say the same things. People get big from processed fake foods! We cannot eat whatever we want and look the same. You'll either see it on the outside or feel it in the inside. You reap what you sow. Literally.  

From here, I would go on some sort of fast or detox. Either start juicing, abstaining from sugar, dairy, grains or fast foods. Pick something. Don't fast to lose weight. And don't just juice to lose weight. Use a month or two to reset your body. During that time, take lots of notes and ask lots of questions. Either from other healthy people or by googling information. This way of learning is setting you up for success and for an actual lifestyle change. Sometimes people don't know better so they don't do better. 

I've done WHOLE30 and 21DayDetox. Both pretty good programs for detoxing, apart from juicing.
It may seem overwhelming at first, trust me I know. I have 4 other people to look after and countless "jobs" to do daily so I know. However, if you haven't been able to get your weight/health together now is the time for change so that you don't have to spend the next 10 years dealing with this. You may have to put most of your time and energy into research and cooking but it's only temporary. Lately, I haven't been obsessing over new recipes to make because really good health is easy. It's simple, fast and not always exciting. Well, it is to me but it's not like a pretty casserole or anything ;) Only so many ways to make fish, veggies, cut up fruit or bake some chicken lol. Remember we eat to live, not live to eat. It can be fun yes, but it shouldn't be our only and biggest entertainment. 

So, make up your mind that you want to LEARN about Health, not just weight loss. Make up your mind to put in the effort at whatever cost (temporarily). If you're going to eat better, you can't be lazy. Lazy is how you get big and become unhealthy! I shall be back for other tips and findings. Let me know how I can help :)

    p.s Here's some Other useful resources from my blog:   ---->my personal health testimony, part 1 &2 ----Whole30 experience; No Grains  ---->healthy eating for kids :)

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