Monday, March 18, 2013

Proverbs 3:3 Love and Be Faithful.

"Let love and faithfulness never leave you; bind them around your neck, write them on the tablet of your heart. Then you will win favor and a good name in the sight of God and man." Proverbs 3:3

This scripture really spoke to me last night; for many reasons. For one, Jesus commands us to love our neighbor as we love our self (Matthew 22:39). So this is another reminder to LOVE always. Don't ever abandon that charge. Secondly, it says to BE faithful. In everything. Not just to your spouse or kids, but to your friends, co-workers, and passer-byers/ Strangers. 

Yesterday, I was convicted in how I "handle" others who are not so close to me. I feel like everybody has their place in the Kingdom of God. We all offer something and play a vital role to each other. Regardless if you know a person or are close to a person they are loved (very much) by God. With that being said, we are to be Faithful to them. So it's not just the people in my circle that deserve "celebrity" treatment; but everybody. Look at this scripture:

"Do not withhold good from those who deserve it, when it is in your power to act. Do not say to your neighbor, Come back later; I'll give it tomorrow-when you now have it with you." Proverbs 3:27

I think all of us have been guilty of doing things to get a return or to get credit for it. I love helping people, I really do. But the thought came to me," do I like helping everybody out?" I want to say yes, but sometimes I put stricter standards on people that I'm not as close to. It doesn't take much for you to do favors for people you love, I'm sure right? You want to go out of your way for them. Yes. Do you go out your way for the person who can't pay you, doesn't thank you, or probably won't return the favor? If you knew the answer was no-Would you still do it? That's where my conviction comes in. Because this scripture is speaking about Loving (verb) and Being faithful (verb) to God's people. Including,
your boss and co-workers. You may think "well they don't like me, or care for me." "I don't know how they live in private." All the more that you should be faithful to them and your company. Not because they deserve it, but because God does what this scripture commands and He asks us to write those things on the tablet of our heart. Every day interactions with people. Keeping a charge to be faithful to God by doing the right thing. Not cheating people, lying to them or slandering them. But being faithful by them, having integrity.

The last part is just the "icing on the cake" (ewww) lol. Being sure that we don't just do things in sight of people to look good but allowing our good deeds to bring glory to our Father. Because He truly is our only inspiration of wanting to do anything good. I don't automatically want to serve people and sacrifice things for others, I believe it is HIS love that spills over, inspiring me to want to be like Him.  Quite frankly God remains faithful to us and CONTINUES to Love us. It is most definitely "bound around His neck." He does it because He is love, Not because He  can get something from us. Being the creator of Heaven and Earth, He doesn't NEED anything from us. He uses us, yes but if He wanted He could do it Him self. Many times you may take your blessings for granted, but He still Blesses you regardless of your acknowledgement. Lots of people take credit for His doings, but He'll still choose to bless them.  His deeds for us are always undeserved, but He's merciful and He should be our example always. Go out of your way for all people. Love  at all costs. 

He's Love and He's faithful. 

Love me,
Love God.

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