Thursday, January 24, 2013

Give. Away. Your. Time

So, I've been feeling some voids lately. A lot has been going on with family life good and bad, busy and busier. I know most of my voids have come because I haven't spent a whole lot of time with Father God. I can't explain it well enough to some especially if you haven't met Him yet, but it's just this unexplainable, uncontrollable magnet effect. Life does get very busy nowadays. Like really busy and there are days where I rather nap or do absolutely nothing in the name of rest! So there will be times where I don't read my bible or have good, long prayer time with Jesus. But the thing is, the lack of will catch up with me. My insides just don't feel right :/   And I feel the NEED to crawl back. Nice little magnet effect lol.

Not to mention when my life gets too busy for me to even keep up with my own family lol chances are my life is too busy for other families! This has been bothering me lately because  I love to serve. I love filling needs for people. That's why I love social work-helping needy people all the time. Life focused on my own family is suffocating to me. They are my priority, always. But God has so much more for us.

He has filled us up with so much Love to pass on to others. Far more than just our family. Not to mention the gifts that He has given us-they are for His other children. I don't just want to be a sunday Christian who gets good word from the pastor and then comes home unmoved, unchanged until the next week. The gospel is meant to give away. It's the good news. God is meant to be shared, His love is meant to be passed out!

We've been visiting a new church for almost two months now and I'm very anxious to get my hands in on everything. There are so many ministries going on, I want to do them all! I love working with the homeless, prisons, women, marriages etc but I know realistically I can't do it all. I've decided to start with the Value Life ministry. Mentoring women who have unplanned pregnancies from start to finish and beyond.

 I try and tell myself there are many things we can do for FREE, that don't cost anything to help others. Whether it's praying for people, listening, giving advice, babysitting, just helping! Giving our time away is so valuable because we can never get it back. It seems like our times are so hectic and people are sooo busy that giving away our time means A LOT and is extra special. Sometimes volunteering is an inconvenience sure-but it's a sacrifice. And God showed us that Love is demonstrated in sacrifice (John 3:16)

While I do believe God is our #1 source of hope, love, and fulfillment...I would have to add that serving people is high on that list. It's a great way to keep our lives in perspective. Seeing needy people with real needs helps to separate your true needs from your wants. We can get caught up in this life and forget what really matters. I encourage everyone to try and do more for others; outside of family. I'm still learning, still striving to do more. Do for others that won't be able to do back for you. Give away your time when there isn't anything in it for you. A good place to start is at your church. Missions or community service type of projects. If not, you can google volunteer opportunities in your area :) or you can never go wrong with babysitting. Single parents, married couples-we all need the help! Blessings,

Love me,
Love God.

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