Monday, December 17, 2012

Happy Father's Day-I love you

I was just putting my daughter to sleep when I began to think of my Heavenly Father <3
I started thinking of all the things He's done for me, all the ways He shows me He loves me and I just knew I had to write about it. So here I am, listening to Hillsong's None but Jesus writing about my daddy....Happy Father's Day

I thank you for knowing me and thinking of me before I was even born. I thank you for making me wonderful. I thank you that you have a purpose for me; a good future. 

I thank you for giving me loving parents who are in love with me even today. I thank you that I was not abandoned as a child, nor was I abused. I thank you that even as a young girl my hope has always been in YOU. I thank you that despite some bad decisions, I've never went a long time without praying or talking to you. And that's because YOU have captivated me; I need you...always.  I thank you that you covered my life when I did things to try and take it away (knowingly or unknowingly).

I thank you for rescuing me in time to meet my wonderful husband. I thank you for our purity up until marriage. You knew how important that was to me and it was only by your grace that saved us. I thank you for giving me an imperfect husband in order to teach me unconditional love. I don't think I could have learned it any other way. I thank you for marriage for it shows me what filth is in MY heart. I thank you for teaching me through our very hard times that love is long suffering and it is patient.

 I thank you for allowing me to feel immense pain in my marriage so that I will always remember YOU promise to never forsake me. And only YOU will never let me down. I also thank you for the joys in marriage. It makes life that much sweeter <3 I thank you for times of struggle so that I will appreciate the simple, and learn YOU are my number 1 source in life. Thank you for the times that I am not yet rich because it teaches me to faithful in what I do have. Thank you for allowing me to have 3 healthy, easy births. Though it was tough having them close together, I learned YOU are my saving grace. 

I thank you that sometimes because of your grace, we don't have to reap what we sow. I sowed death in my abortions but YOUR goodness allowed me to reap life, 3 lives at that. I thank you. I learned that I can do all things through YOU because you strengthen me. You show me how to be a loving mother; gentle and kind. I thank you that though I wasn't equipped to be a wife or a mother, you made sure I would learn. You make sure that I continue to learn. I was reminded through your will and unexpected timings that YOU are truly in control and my thoughts/ways do not compare to yours. 

I thank you for my insecurities, for they cause me to look to YOU and ask YOU what do YOU think of me? I thank you for my desires, knowledge, and wisdom. I thank you that I can keep asking you for more! I know what I know because of YOU. I am who I am because of you. I thank you for being the perfect Father to me. 

When you don't lay out my life's plan before me, it reminds me that I have to SEEK you and trust that it is all worked out for my good according to your purposes. You know how much pain I can endure, how much love I need, what tests are needed to build my character, and who I need around me. You know what kind of friends I need, so thank you so much for that. You know when I need a word, a lesson, a hug, or a smile :) You know everything about me & all that I need and I just want to say I really love you and thank you

Happy Father's Day from your daughter of many, 

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Lovely songs:


Love me, 
Love God.

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