Monday, November 26, 2012

Christ*Mas=More Christ

Happy Birthday Jesus!

I've been thinking a lot about why we celebrate Christmas. I, think too because I'm not a real big "gift" person that (that's not my love language, my thoughts on Christmas were leaning towards this decision. Christmas is a holiday we symbolically celebrate the birth of Jesus. But growing up,Christmas was a time for receiving gifts! I can remember making out my long wish lists, however I cannot remember thinking of Jesus.

I cannot remember the joy that came from my anticipation of celebrating His birthday! It wasn't until more recently (last 5 yrs?) that the thought of HIM came to mind. Christmas is HIS birthday, not ours. I just can't make sense of buying my children lots of toys on HIS day. I know, I know on one hand you can demonstrate the undeserved love to them through gifts and give unto others as unto the Lord. I understand, I really do. I agree with the analogy even, but when it comes down to it I just don't like it :(

I really don't like it because I know how I was as a child, even as a young adult lol. Selfish and entitled! I remember when my parents couldn't give me much one year because they weren't working and instead of being understanding I was Mad! I deserved to have gifts, I was supposed to have gifts. Entitlement. No, not every child is like that, but with less understanding of life it's easier to think like a child and be selfish . I just don't want to help my kids feel entitled to stuff. I see people on facebook working up to 3 jobs just for Christmas! I don't mean to pass judgement, I just feel sad when I see stuff like that because it's as if we missed the whole meaning of Christmas. Which is more of Christ, not more of stuff. The disappointment shouldn't come from the thought of not being able to buy people stuff, but when we're not sharing the love of Christ. It's a sad thing when we would rather please our families and go in debt, or work overtime then just share His love freely. 

We all get to be celebrated one day out of the year. It's ALL about us on our birthday, but why then do we not give Jesus that one day? Granted He should be celebrated every single day we have breath but can we not just sacrifice a whole day for Him? It just seems like another thing backwards here on earth.

 If anything, the month of November, Thanksgiving should be dedicated towards giving. "I am thankful for you, therefore I'm going to show you my gratitude" :) Next year I plan on doing just that, I was a little late this year. I'm really not trying to be "super deep" I just can't make sense of what Christmas has turned in to. We got parents, homeless families, and less fortunate families feeling horrible around this time of year because they can't buy for their kids! Smh. 

We have toy drives for these kids just to make them feel like they're not missing out. But shouldn't we teach them that toys do not make Christmas? That way they don't feel bad when they don't receive anything. That it really has nothing to do with us anyway? HE is our gift. Then we wouldn't have to have all these drives. I don't know, I'm not trying to be mean either, it's just frustrating to raise up a family in this materialistic driven world. I love giving to those without and providing for the homeless; it's just why do we have to cloud the meaning of Christmas, Jesus' birth with stuff?

I suppose you could successfully tie in His birth with presents for people, but it's definitely hard trying to keep HIM the focus when it's shared. Again, I'm not saying it's wrong or evil to buy presents this is just my own conviction and realization of it. I really just want to celebrate Him with song and thanksgiving. Have a real birthday party for Him, gifts of love, song, and food for Him. I'm really excited celebrating birthdays for others and I just want my family to anticipate His birthday above all. I pray that God would give us all the revelation of His gift to us, His Son. I pray we would value His gift and cherish it all the days of our life. As long as I've been walking with Christ, it still seems like I need a reminder of John 3:16 and what that really means to me. I pray our hearts are all touched by His love.

This year I celebrate His birth and His gifts to us: Breath, Life, Grace, Mercy, Children, Marriage, Laughter and the Holy spirit.

Just my thoughts, wishing you the best, Christ centered, loving Christmas :) Lots of Love. 

Love me,
Love God.

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