Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Steps towards Healthier Eating-Kids version*


Ok, so here's the thing, I'm not an expert, a doctor, or a nutritionist! Lol, I'm just a Mom. I care about my health and especially my children's. Yes, there are times when I allow them to eat a treat or two. There are times when I don't hassel with it over other people's house, BUT more than not-I look out for them. Sugar is seriously addicting for people and I'm so thankful to have to deal with that. Mostly because it's horrible for your body. It takes away your energy, vitamins, minerals etc! It can feed cancer and lower your immune system. I'm trying to help my kids out now so later they don't form addictions to sugar, certain junk foods, or unhealthy habits like overeating, bored eating or emotional eating. 

1. Don't bring junk in the house 
---and then expect your kids not to ask for it. It helps everybody not give into cravings. Moms if you're the shopper; leave the junk at the store!
2. Nobody should be eating white bread these days!
--- No one should be eating bread or anything else with high fructose corn syrup in it (I'll explain later) We either eat real wheat bread or Ezekiel 4:9 raisin bread <---has tons of nutrients
3. While they're young, skip the condiments!
lol love this
---Remember most things we like today are because someone introduced us to them. Like syrup for pancakes. I don't give it to my kids & they don't know that they're missing out on anything. Ketchup, mayonnaise, butter, syrup, salt, sugar-they don't need it! Train their taste buds while you can:)
4. Introduce Veggies! and fruit
---I introduce lots of them. Sometimes I've judged certain foods, thinking that they won't like it (like avocado) and never let me them try it. Turns out, my son loves avocados :) And I'm Happy. I don't use ranch or cheese either when trying to get them to eat them. You would be surprised at what they end up liking. All it takes is alittle olive oil, salt/pepper. I add fruit or veggies to all homemade muffins, smoothies, and pancakes. Get those vitamins in! And remember if they don't like it one day, they might eat it another day :) So try, try again
5. Don't help the overeating epidemic!
---I quickly learned that my kids were getting used to cereal/toast, oatmeal/toast, eggs/toast. Habits. Not that it's always wrong but my kids are under 3, so they don't neeeed to have toast with everything. I grew up with that habit as well so I'm having to undo it now. I quickly broke that habit and learned they are fine with just a bowl of oatmeal or eggs & fruit. 
6. They don't need to be rewarded with sugar!
---Rewards don't always have to be sweets :) Again, they only know what you show & tell them. My boys are happy if I reward them with an orange or orange juice! A smoothie is exciting or even a stick of gum. Keep it simple & they will appreciate the small things.
7. Be choosy with fast food
---I know we all get caught up out & about and sometimes have no choice but to eat out. If there's a Tim Horton's, I'm picking that over McDonald's, burger king or Wendy's. Remember they can only request what they know. Don't do it. I'll get them a grill cheese (they share) and no side. They don't need fries or chips! You'd be surprised with how filling an "entree" type of food is without sides. If it's pizza-cheese & thin crust. It's just healthier.
8. Decrease the boxed meals
---Processed foods are really bad for you. There's 50 million ingredients, most you can't even pronounce. Simple is more. Try baked fish/chicken and a fruit. Homemade pizzas are better than frozen/ordered out. My kids eat lots of pinto beans, too. A bowl of beans or bean tostadas. I don't usually ask them what they want, I just make it and serve it.Kids are sometimes better without so many choices ;)
9. You don't have to tell them what they're eating. 
---Sometimes I just serve it and let them try it first. Sometimes I put veggies in muffins and don't say anything. Sometimes I've used veggie/soy meat. More with older kids they know certain foods by name so just don't tell them until after. They don't need to know there's spinach in their smoothies until after ;) They at least have to try it-that's my rule. 
10. You're the boss.
---My favorite one lol. Kids are not the parents. I make them sit there and finish most of their food (veggies). I usually don't take no for an answer. What's worse them sitting there or them lacking needed nutrients. Kids are flaky. One day they eat it and the next they don't want it. Which means I've seen you eat this before so don't say you don't like it! lol. The key is you're the boss and you have to stay consistent. My boys eat most of everything, mostly because I've introduced it, made them try it and stick with it.
11. Juice doesn't have to be an everyday drink 
---I only buy my kids real apple juice or orange juice (no other added ingredients). I really don't try to buy anything with sugar added to it. Jelly is sweet already made from real fruit why do you need added sugar??? Exactly you don't-so don't buy it :) That way you don't feel guilty if they're eating PB&J sandwiches every week lol.Ok, back to juice! It's another habit-don't form it. My kids drink water every day whether it's breakfast, lunch or dinner. Now they prefer it. I can have juice in the fridge and they might ask for it once or twice during a week. Even if it's better for you, they don't need it every day. Water is cheaper and more importantly better for you. Most people don't drink enough water and have to force themselves to do it later in life. So start now! Then you can treat them to some apple juice and not apple pie ;)
12. Birthday cakes?
---Ok, so my oldest is going to be 4 in March, but I can guarantee that he will NOT be asking for a birthday cake. I've heard him say he likes it (probably heard it on Dora) but I don't pay him any mind lol. He doesn't know what he's saying. You don't have to follow the world's traditions. Because some of those traditions got us in trouble! A simple muffin or even fruit pizza can be great and better for them. I know some parents don't want their children to "miss out" but seriously  missing out on junk is a good thing. And because I don't bring sweets in my home, it's easier to let them have a little something at a party or something here or there. The last birthday party we went to I let him have a small piece of cake with no icecream. (why do you need both?) And I took the icing off. They don't need it! I'm going to say it again, if you don't give it to them they won't know what they're missing out on!
13. They don't always need medications
---So, yea I really don't care for medications. God created everything in this earth and had everything in mind when doing so. Including creating food/drink/herbs to heal our sicknesses. I won't say medications are evil and you should never take them, but I don't like them, you don't need them, and many pharmaceutical companies have only money motives (check out Food matters, Supersize me, Fat, sick & Nearly dead or Food Inc.). So when my kids start coughing I give them honey. Raw, light in color honey. It usually does the trick. I give them lots of strawberries, oranges, mangoes, grapefruits or apples and stay away from dairy. If I need a medication I go to my natural health store, Raisin Rack to buy it. Most cough syrups (regular ones) have lots of sugar in it. Which doesn't make any sense because sugar makes you worse when you're sick. The other day I picked up a Vick's "Nature Fusion" bottle and saw it had high fructose corn syrup in it! I could not believe it. The key is building a strong immune system, so vitamins are so important. If they're under the weather, I overload them with the nutrients-smoothies are great for doing that and they think it's a treat :) I've never given my kids Tylenol. Fevers, if not too high are just our body's natural way of fighting infection-so let it happen. My dr always tells me to give them Tylenol after their shots...I never do lol. They don't need it and they are fine!

Darn it, I've said too much lol. Always count on me to explain something too much! Ugh, oh well that's the "teacher" in me. Trying to share my whole life with somebody ha. Good thing I have a blog....ok but I just wanted to say all of these things are baby steps if you're not already doing them. And if you do do them (my no no's, I'm not saying you're the worst mother ever. We're alllll trying to do better. If anything, I love to help and I know today's children are more hyper and more overweight than ever! They're getting medicated and diagnosed with illnesses at a young age. :( We can help and we can start now :)

p.s. sorry it's so long!
p.s.s always here for a question or two or five, ten,..... ;)
p.s.s.s there's more where that came from ;)

Love me,
Love God.

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