Monday, September 10, 2012

Yummy Stuff! Tostadas!

Okay, so the purpose of my blog was to SHARE! Share my trials, mistakes, revelations, joys, falls, errors, goals, and of course recipes! Ha. I love food, I really do. But I love feeling healthy and so in order to be at my best and for my children to---I have to have self-control and wisdom in this area...So for my first Food post I will share my recipe for Tostadas! Currently I am eating a vegan diet (and counting calories) to get rid of these last 10 lbs of Faith's afterbirth lol. My go-to vegan, healthy, yummy, long lasting and CHEAP meal are tostadas!

So I start with a bag of dry pinto beans, 1 onion (white, yellow, red or sweet will do), and dried chile peppers. You don't have to add these, I just like spice on everything. A handful is good :) The more the hotter. I throw the beans, chopped onions, peppers, and Adobo seasoning in the crockpot. Lots of Adobo. Fill it almost to the top with water. Done. I usually cook mine overnight on 10 hours so they'll be done in the morning. You can also follow the directions on the bean packaging like my mom does. She cooks hers on the stove for about 3 hours on medium heat!
I Loooovve my tostadas with refried beans, avacado slices, and hot Chile! That's it. Simple and healthy.
(Just wanted to add a pic of the beans, shells jalepeno & cilantro for the chile) Ok so this morning I woke up to yummy beans. I spooned them out of the crockpot into a pan with alittle bit of the bean juice. I then, smashed them up to my liking. You may need to add sea salt or more Adobo seasoning. Here's how they look  

So now to make the chile, I take 5 tomatillos, 3-4 jalepenos and boil them for about 10 minutes. Then I add them to my blender along with a generous handful of cilantro. You may want to add two jalepenos at a time just so you don't overdo it with the heat. You can always add more but you dont want to ruin it. Then you add just a tiny bit of the juice from your boiling pot. Just enough to get the blender going. Lastly you add salt to taste. Blend until you get the desired consistency (soupy or thick). 

You can add more salt for taste or tomato in case you made it too hot. So there ya have it! Shells, beans, chile & avacado !

*My family likes cheese, lettuce, & sour cream on theirs but they don't need to lose 10 lbs like me so yea it's up to you! Hope this was easy to follow! Forgive me if it's not lol-it's my first recipe posting :) Enjoy!

p.s If you have any questions or feedback please leave a comment! I'd love to help or smile :) if you liked them

p.s.s. I've recently found a new Mexican seasoning, "epazote." I add it to the crockpot and it gives a great flavoring to the beans :) Google for a picture of it!

Tostadas fit lovely with Guacamole!!! Here's my recipe:

Love me,
Love God.

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