Friday, September 14, 2012

Nijel Mills AKA NI MILLS

"I have been called to share the gospel through my music & I will do just that; no compromise. My desire is for you to encounter Christ & see that He is mighty to save! Isaiah 40:31"But those who hope in the LORD will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run & not grow weary, they will walk & not be faint." This album is my story of God's deliverance, mercy & power!"

These are the words of my husband, Nijel Mills.. His album comes out at midnight September 15th. I just felt compelled to write about him :) Oh wow we've been through so much in these last 6 years lol. Not really laughing out loud... ha. God is good :) Not too long after I met Nijel did he put out a cd "The Playbook." That was back in 2006. It was a great album too fyi. 

He was single and on fire for the Lord! Not a care in the world. Or at least it didn't seem so. Fast forward to 2012-Aorta Music! Six years since his last c.d. A wife and 3 kids later! Lots of new revelations from his faith being tried and tested. Life got really hard. This is why this album means so to ME because I journeyed all of this with him. I love him sooo much! He reminds me of Matthew 5:8, "Blessed are the pure in heart, for they will see God." Oooh how fitting for his album to be called "Aorta Music"

There's a song, "Deaf's Ear" that brings tears to my eyes because I was there to witness all that. It's our testimony of deliverance.  In marriage, you become One and you feel everything your spouse feels!
This album was directly sent from God. By Him and For Him. I watched as he received each song from the holy spirit. It wasn't hard to write; everything came fast and in perfection. This is how I know it wasn't him just writing any ol' thing lol. There's a big difference between Nijel's music and God's music for Nijel. I won't say what exactly lol but let's just say God's music for Nijel is A LOT better! 

When the holy spirit takes over, it's so powerful. As his wife, my prayer has always been for him to glorify God in all of his music, to be transparent & share his testimonies with others; to speak God's truth! What an honor it is to have a gift from the Lord-man. So I just wanted to let you know much prayer went into this album. It is a story of our trials & our deliverance. It's a story of God revealing His heart to us. A story of Hope in this lost world. 

We have no desire to become rich off this album or to gain any fame. Our hearts are for God's people. He's going to take this album where He pleases.  I love sharing with people and I am so proud of my husband for putting everything out there & sharing his heart with you all. It took a lot for him to do that, but it is what GOD called him to do. So we invite you to listen to our journey & share with as many people as possible :)

One more thing, in my last post "It's a Baby" I mentioned one of his songs " Voice from the womb."  Although it wasn't necessarily inspired by my story, I just love how God has spoken to both our hearts on the issue of abortion. He's using us both to minister about life. Okay well happy listening! We love feedback!! God bless you 

Nijel & Jewel Mills 

Love me,
Love God.

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