Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Here to stay. (Journey to Health pt.2)

Yes! You read that right I would never have to write another sad love song I mean another sad love letter to God again!! "I'm Here to Stay." Lol yayyyy. Soooo, shortly after I wrote that letter, my pastor at the time started speaking on health. Yep. Health. He began telling us we shouldn't be eating certain foods (processed sugars, white flours, hydrogenated oils, and I forget the 4th thing???). He inspired me to do some research of my own. I was ready to begin living! Everything that I had learned from my mom and friends' mom was starting to come back to me. I began reading Jordan Rubin's The Maker's Diet. That planted the seed of organic foods, good germs, and a good diet straight from the Maker-God Himself. I stuck that letter in my folder so that I could always remember that that was a place I never wanted to return to. In that folder I took notes on fruits and vegetables, sugar alternatives and different curable diseases. Youtube was my best friend!

             January 17, 2010 a doctor by the name of Dr. Dail came to my church to teach us on food and Health. Yep. More health. A divine set up by my Father in Heaven. Lol. He heard my cries and came to my rescue. Wow. I learned so much in those 2 hours. I went home and emptied out my kitchen! Lol I didn't ask my husband (won't do that again) I just ransacked my cabinets & fridge, throwing everything unhealthy out! That included meat, salad dressings, condiments, and SUGAR! My husband's big domino sugar bag lol! Almost three years later and we never replaced it :)

 So yes, I went vegan right there and then. Cold Turkey! By my birthday, March I had lost somewhere around 25 lbs. But it was the first time that I wasn't trying to lose weight. Life was stupendous!! I no longer depended on food except to stay alive lol. Life was simple. If I was hungry I would eat, if I was full I stopped. End of story. I learned sooo much during this time. I was an eager student of health. I created new recipes with my friend :) and found others on Youtube. I was freed from food!!! I felt like a normal person. I've never felt so good or looked so good! Here's pics of me pregnant (unhealthy) and pictures of me pregnant (very healthy) 

Almost 9 mths prego (#1 pregnancy)

Almost 9 mths prego (#2 pregnancy)

1 mth after baby #1
5 days after baby #2

Yea, so don't tell me diet doesn't make a difference. I remained vegan for the next year close to two. Then I slid into vegetarian. As I slid, my extreme personality came in full effect. I actually felt guilty when I would eat chips or eat some cheese lol. Like depression mode for a split second. My husband would have to knock some sense into me! My destiny was not being altered because I ate a chip! So, though I began eating certain things again my mind was made up on health in general. 

God had to give me peace about having a balance because I was tempted to trip out over not being vegan. God told me during my vegan season there was a super natural grace to eat beans everyday like I did (most days lol). That, now that grace was lifted and I had to start making some choices on my own. I still prefer a vegetarian diet over a meat one but I refuse to condemn myself over some chicken. Some things in life just aren't that serious. Good grief Jewel lol. 

Today I have 3 children and am back on the road to a healthy weight. I still have my days of feeling big but I will NOT slip into any type of depression over it. I refuse to listen to any lies my mind tries to tell me about how I look. I am blessed. Period. I have a heart to be healthy and I'm going to do just that. I absolutely want my children to be healthy. I adore when they ask me for carrots :) Oh how sweet thy soul! Ha.  I look for ways to build up all of our immune systems through a good diet & exercise. I love my family and I want them to be at their best. I'm not a fan of medication. I'm a fan of life. 

God created all of this GOOD food for us to be strong and thrive in life. None of us were destined to be dependent on prescription medications.  Our bodies are too powerful for that mess. You just have to fuel it. At least 80% of the time. That's when balance comes into play. I figure if my children & I eat a good diet 80% of the time, I don't have to condemn myself for the other 20%. Occasional cook outs, vacations etc. I will enjoy when I do eat out. Balance. So, Have I arrived? Yes and no. No I'm not at my desired weight or have bulging muscles (I want them though!) but YES I'm finally at a place OF PEACE. 

I have to use wisdom. I don't want to be overweight so I won't eat portions of a beast! lol. I'll burn more than I'm consuming. I want to look good & FEEL good so I have to make choices that will get me those results. We all have to make choices. I had to make the choice that I love living with peace more than I love stuffing my face. Eating junk is not life's greatest reward. When I lack self control over long periods of time, it's impossible for me to serve God the way I need to. Because food can be and has been a distraction in my life, I have to go above & beyond to NOT be distracted by it. Being healthy is my only choice. Our bodies are the temple for the holy spirit. 

"Do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit, who is in you, whom you have received from God? You are not your own; you were bought at a price. Therefore honor God with your body."    1 Corinthians 6:19,20.

Today I'm a woman who still loves eating lol. Smile. I still enjoy cheesecake sometimes, but I love giving my body good vitamins, minerals, and essential amino acids more. I love that my kids love fruits & vegetables. I love nursing my family back to health without throwing meds down their throat. I love fitness and I looovvve sharing all that I know! Yes I would say that I'm Here to stay.

p.s I'm always open for questions and sharing :) 
p.s.s If you missed part 1-click here

Love me, 
Love God.


  1. Wow, this really answered so many of my questions to God. Thank you sooo much for posting this. I felt my life changing as I read every word!

    1. :) No problem! That's what it's here for-to inspire and change. ;) It's still a wonderful journey of health, let me know if you need anything else!