Thursday, August 23, 2012

You are for Me

I'm listening to "You are for me" by Kari Jobe thinking of my father, my King Jesus Christ. Ever since I first encountered Him (don't remember the date?) I have been attached & forever affected by His love. I have not always done the best at showing Him I loved Him through my actions (1 John 3:18) but my heart continues to beat for Him. Yesterday at bible study, the word of the Lord spoken said "I would die in this same place, in this box without being elevated higher." What's remarkable is that I have been saying this recently-"I would die without Him." I'm not sure if everyone feels this same attachment or not, but though I fall, though I struggle-I remain nothing, I remain empty without Him. When I say without Him-I mean living a life of Jewel; a life on this earth with my family living for "us." No mention of GOD or the things of God. 
 You see, I've lived a life without Him. Sure I spoke to Him through my journal and through pleas but I was without Him. It was an empty life revolved around ME. I don't ever want to go back to that life, well let me say I CANT ever go back to that because I would die. My spirit would just fail. I could have married anybody, lived anywhere, had anyone's kids but I wanted different. I wanted a life for God, by God, and through God. 

Nothing ordinary whatsoever. I need to live a life surrounded by Him. Or else there would be no other reason to live. Literally. My family, friends, goals, church-Everything cannot fulfill me; I need more. Last night's tears poured out because I am constantly reminded of this:God, You are for Me. You will always be. You created me (PSALM 139:13) (JOHN 1:3) to forever love you, to always want you. Once again I fall on my knees & say to you, "Take me, take me in your arms & don't ever let me go."

Love me,
Love God.

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