Friday, May 24, 2013

Patience and Prayer

Patience and Prayer.
Simple. Calm. Hard. Rare. Quiet. Powerful.

Those are all the things I think of when I hear "Patience & Prayer." People want results fast and so they are willing to take their concerns/problems to another person before they take it on their knees to God. I know because I've done it. I'm Miss Wannabe Counselor so I want to take on the "cases!" I want to help!! And I also enjoy counsel. But there's balance in everything.

There's something about being still though. Psalm 46:10. There's something about waiting on the One who Knows. The creator who created you, knows about your situation and knew about it before you even came along. In our patience, there is trust. There is FAITH that He knows better than us.

Recently I heard some information or gossip about someone who is dear to me. Let me just say sometimes vital information is just gossip in disguise. It just sounds better when we introduce it with "please pray..." So yea I heard something and I was hurt by it. My mind started thinking of all the things I wanted to say to this person. I really wanted to call them right then, but the best of me knew NOT to react in my emotions.

As a woman you learn this early on in marriage. What you're feeling now in the moment is not how you may be feeling later, after you've calmed down. Sometimes you realize it's not that big of deal & you should just let it go. So, I'm really glad that I chose to stop, pray and just be still. Sometimes God doesn't need us to be the hero, or the pastor, or teacher. Sometimes He wants to be the one to speak to people. Tough lesson for me.

I wasn't exactly sure what I was waiting on but I knew it wasn't time to bring it up to this person. So I let some weeks go by. Well, this morning they called me :) And they opened up about what I wanted to bring up to them. What I heard about them wasn't true. I'm so relieved I waited and wasn't quick to react and preach my sermon I had thought up in my head. Oh my goodness! lol Thank you Lord for growth. That's why gossip is dangerous in the first place. A lot of it isn't true, and it usually ends up hurting people. Most of what I hear through the grapevine is filtered because I know something in the story is either bias or exaggerated.

As I've mentioned before, I'm living in an individualistic mindset world, trying to be set apart. One of the best ways we can do that  is by Listening More & Speak Less.    Practice Patience and Live a Life of Prayer.  Pray about all things, just don't live a life of what we feel. Many times what we feel is not what is.

So in all things: Consider God First.
Consider everybody involved and wait. It's not a race to see who can speak more, nowadays it's more who is able to speak less! Because everybody is saying something. So let's be cautious about what comes off our your ears to what the Lord is saying. Have a great Memorial Weekend!

Love me,
Love God.

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