Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Hi, My name is Oscar The Grouch!


So much for "pausing." I'll explain what that is later.  Well, often times I like to speak on specific, important LIFE CHANGING things! Yayyy! However today is just "One of them Days." I am Oscar The Grouch and all I wanna do is lay on the all day lol. I tried actually, but it was kind of impossible with 2 little ones up and husband calling to check in.

This morning, both my boys wake up wet and I discover my husband didn't do something I asked him to do the day before. And when I say ask I really mean nag. I'm sorry I couldn't help it! I literally asked him five times within an hour to do this specific thing because I was so nervous it wasn't going to get done. And guess what? He didn't do it!!

Gotta love when nothing goes right first thing in the morning ;)
Did I mention there's nothing to eat but crumbs and scraps?? Yea grocery trip is needed BUT I got sick kids and too many kids haha to all fit in Trader Joe's carts. And as I'm walking around, attitude face my oldest yells that my other son has pooped in his underwear! Insert unhappy face here -----------

That was my mind earlier. Poop. Pee. No food. No help. Lots of boogers. Empty Fridge.Ugh.

Where is my mom when I need her? Oh yea out of town :(
Anyhoo I'm doing bath time and I have a deep moment. A God moment.  I'm reminded of all the times I kept tripping up in my walk at a particular time, and God kept forgiving me. Like over and over and over again. And my heart softened towards my Pee-Bodied boys lol. I exhaled, paused and thought awww give them grace jewel. Pause and think WWJD? Well, He would be patient, kind, forgiving, and understanding.

Ok. I got it. Yes! I did it. I put the anger and irritation on hold and just relaxed.
........................that didn't last long lol. It didn't! lol. I have to laugh, it's still early on in the day and I have to laugh. The sun is shining :)

I just got more and more tired as the morning went on, my husband ate my eggs and blah blah. It's that "time" of the month yada yada yada. Just not a very good morning. I thought I was going to come on here and encourage YOU all to pause in your anger and have a good day and then nope I turned into a bigger grouch as time went on. But you know what? I kind of feel better already after blogging ;) Reading everything out loud is kind of humorous. Kind of.

Lunch is over, nap time is next and I get to clear my head. I got my worship music on, Insanity on deck (almost done with it!) and hopefully I can update you all tomorrow about how my day got better. I have help coming later, along with a grocery trip so good things are coming.  I guess we're allowed to have those moments and just accept that they happen. I tried to "pause" in the midst of everything, but I just got swallowed up.

So my advice is at least try and get out of it before the day is up? Your family would appreciate that, I'm sure.  I know mine does lol.
And Like we always say, It could be worse!

Hope you all are having a fabulous day :)  Please, if you have any funny after the fact disaster stories, humor me :) Please share.

p.s. Here is the devotional that says you should Pause in your "moments."

May 6, 2013
The Micromanaging Mama
Karen Ehman

"Don't let your spirit rush to be angry, for anger abides in the heart of fools." Ecclesiastes 7:9 (HCSB)
I couldn't think of anything more exciting than going to Sylvia's house for the afternoon. She had fancy clothes and the neighborhood's only built-in swimming pool. But best of all?
Sylvia had one amazing dollhouse.There were bedroom sets with dressers, cloth curtains in the windows, and colorful spreads on the beds. There was a living room set with a tiny television and a kitchen with real-looking appliances in the trendy shade of turquoise.
To top it all off, it came with a family - pliable, lifelike miniature human beings who smiled no matter how I posed them. There was even a trusty canine I named Scrappy.

I could arrange the furniture any way I desired. The petite pots and pans were just the way I liked on the stove to simmer. The baby woke up from her nap just when I wanted. The family members entered and exited on my cue. No object missed a single prompt in the scenarios that played out at the ends of my chubby little fingertips.
However, my perfect little world was easily shattered. Sometimes, when I had to go home to eat dinner, Sylvia wanted to play with her own toys. Later I'd return to find the house rearranged by someone who was not going along with my program.

I never liked when someone messed with my plan. In fact, it made me angry.
Today my days still revolve around a house. The furniture is bigger. The dishes and rugs are real. The people are too. And I still don't like anyone messing with my plan.
Messing with my plan often looks like this: abandoned dirty dishes, shoes scattered haphazardly, newly washed windows dotted with sticky fingerprints, mud tracked floors, crumbs trailed, trash not taken out as asked, homework undone, pokey kids making the family late for church. Again.

And sadly, messing with my plan can also find me behaving like this: sharp words strategically hurled, a caustic demeanor meant to snap my family to attention, or a "martyr mom" pose I suddenly strike to convey my "I-do-so-much-for-all-of-you-people-and-what-thanks-do-I-get?" message.

At times like this, as today's key verse from Ecclesiastes 7:9 states, my spirit rushes to anger. When anger takes the lead, I can go from mild-mannered mother to micromanaging mama in three seconds flat to try and make my family "get with the program—and PRONTO!"
Rushing to anger in an attempt to micromanage can lead to hurt feelings, crumpled spirits and fractured relationships in need of repair. Of course we should expect our children to do as they are asked, to perform their chores or remember their school responsibilities.

But, when they don't—because they are kids and like us, not perfect—how will we chose to behave? Do we choose to be like Jesus who would respond appropriately and with self-control or like a wild woman who somehow thinks yelling is effective although it has never, ever worked in the past.

Will you join me in a challenge to pause before pouncing? To not rush to anger and instead rush to Jesus' side? It is there we can allow Jesus to temper our tempers and filter our words so we can behave in a way that honors Him—and our family members too.
Dear Lord, teach me to rush to You instead of rushing to anger. I want others to clearly see You reflected in my actions and reactions. In Jesus' Name, Amen."

Love me,
Love God.

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