Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Lost without a grocery list!

My Beloved grocery list! Thanks to my good friend who purchased this snazzy and "official" Grocery List Notepad. I love it. How many of you take a list to the grocery store???? Surprisingly I never see anyone with a list these days! I can't function the same without one lol. Maybe everyone in the store is going off memory? Or maybe it's in their phones? I don't know, all I know is it's madness without a list.      I always end up at check out over my budget, with lousy last minute meals for the week.

So I've spoken with a couple of my friends who never use a list and so I thought maybe this would help out.   Sometimes it's the simplest things that we overlook ;)  Grocery lists are very efficient, time saving and budget friendly.  I say budget friendly because when I don't have a list I'm walking down aisles, looking at everything, throwing wayyy to much in the cart.  Then most likely, I have to come back to the store for forgotten items :(

So, days before my scheduled grocery day I'm looking through my recipe book or pinterest, or asking hubby what he wants to eat that week. Then I'm writing down needed ingredients so I don't forget anything. I hate when I go to the store and buy everything else but what I really need! Ugh. Pet peeve.

I try to make 2 "big" meals and then other quicker meals, perhaps frozen? We always have a couple of lazy days or stay out too late, no time for dinner prep days. Or just something my husband can make if need be.  And then lots of snacks! I try to change up our snacks, apples one week/oranges the next. Or chicken this week and beans the next. Foods in moderation. The reason why I have to go once a week is because I've committed to fresher, healthier foods. Which you may have noticed seem to go a lot faster than boxed meals. Fruits and veggies don't usually last past a week so once a week trips are a must for me :)

Because I usually shop at the same stores: Trader Joe's & Kroger, I can sometimes pre-price my list to make sure I'm within budget :) But for those things that I'm not sure, I always price while I'm shopping so that I know how much it is before I check out. That way I can decide what items need to go back or what is really needed vs. wanted. Just a side note: Carrying cash is always a better decision. You can't go over your budget because you have just enough cash, so you're forced to put items back if you need :)

1. Come up with a good food budget for the month
2. Plan your meals for the week before you shop
3. Have your list, prices, cash, or coupons with you each trip
4. Stick to your budget (if you have $ left over, then get extra/unplanned items)
5. Repeat for next week ;)

Happy Shopping!

Love me,
Love God.

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