Saturday, March 30, 2013

He has Risen!

Happy Resurrection y'all :)

So last night I visited my old church, Hope City (1704 Zettler Rd) for a play they put on. Blessed. First of all I love all of them and definitely miss them. Second, any time I have been in that building it has always been a blessing and special encounter. My husband and I were talking about how you can know something or hear something over & over but when you SEE it before you, it's that much more powerful. Kind of how I feel when I watch The Passions of Christ movie. Great reminder and powerful visual of Jesus' sacrifice for us all.

The play walked us through some of Jesus' mighty miracles up until His death and man o man! It reminded ME of the desperation I once had for Him. When I say once had, I mean like within the last 6-7 months.  Like when we all first came to Christ, we cried out to Him and pleaded for Him to save us and behold us! Our eyes were opened for the first time and we realized that what we were living wasn't Life. Simply put-There is no life apart from Jesus. 

To be honest, it could be easy to live apart from Him. Just live any amount of time on this earth and get entangled in it. Bam. But, when you've had a taste of Him, something so remarkable so beyond any word found in the dictionary it's HARD to forget about that. Last night, the atmosphere of His people was beyond comforting. It was pure Delight. I wish everybody could experience it. I had so many thoughts running through my mind. I was crying as I watched His suffering, but I was also smiling because of His love. He's so very gentle.

Ah. My first Love. It's hard to forget about your first Love :) it really is. Jesus has a way of leaving His imprint on our Hearts. And yesterday I was reminded that no one will ever Love or Care for us more than He will. No one. No one will ever prove their Love more to you than He will and has. 

My prayer is that this "Easter" weekend you will be reminded of His ultimate sacrifice for you. When you forget or doubt His love, you remember He proved it as He willingly carried that cross to His death. No questions asked, no regrets. He willingly put His life on the line so that you would Live. And then you would know His love is Real. Remember this Truth. Everything in this life comes down to that. It's the only thing that will last; His love for you. Everything else fades away. Recently I've been seeing crosses everywhere, more as a fashion statement though. To you I say this: don't take it lightly what that cross stands for. Wear it and be reminded of His Love and His death for YOU. And if He's changed your life, share it. It is better that 1 life be brought to life (to Christ) than for 50 to be offended by what you have to say. There is no shame in the gospel; for I don't know where I would be without it....I love you. John 3:16

Happy Resurrection! Enjoy your family and know that He has indeed,

p.s. Hope City is putting on the play, "Unappreciated Sacrifice" again tomorrow morning at 11 am.

Love me,
Love God.

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