Monday, October 15, 2012

Young people-Wake up!

As I sit here praying over my daughter and two sons, tears start to roll down my face....God why???? Why are so many young people having sex???As I shift my prayers from my children on to my younger cousins and then to the rest of the world, I envision the 15 yr. old bodies engaging in an adult, married act :( sighhh. Lord! I picture the broken hearts, diseases, and children having children and I cry more. 

Little boys addicted to that "release" and unaware of the power in sex. Unaware of the beautiful crafted plan God had when He created sex. Young ladies unaware of the emotional investment they are signing up for. Oh my goodness, these children! Children giving their body to whomever inquires. Laying on their back for whoever asks; needy for the affection. I know. I know because I was there. Handing out pieces of me over & over again. For free. Never a cost. Because I didn't know Jesus paid that cost. He bought me with a price (1 Corinthians 6:20) but I didn't know!

I didn't know that later in life God would have a life partner for me, one who would "pay" for me at an altar & give his life for me at the same time I gave him mine. World, the ways of God are not a myth. There is a man for you woman, and a woman for you man! Trust me when I say there is fullness of Joy in God, but there is no joy in sex outside of marriage. The creator of our world, God created sex for the marriage bed so that you can become "One" with your spouse. Ladies, you won't have to seduce him in order to get love, you can rest in your vows! Hear me when I say there is a consequence for lying down with somebody. Each one will take a piece of you with them. Unrightfully, people will possess pieces of your heart, your soul, emotions....pieces that don't get refunded back. 

Just because "everyone is doing it" doesn't mean it's a casual thing. Not at all! It's not just sex! Young people-Wake up! Know your worth! I didn't know mine, I didn't know God's love for me. I took whatever I could find. Like a homeless person searching for scaps & leftovers was I settling for "fake intimacy." Just because he kisses & undresses you doesn't mean he loves you. True Love waits. True Love is based off what we are willing to sacrifice for one another. As God sacrificed HIS ONLY son for us to demonstrate His love for us, is the same way we are to show our love to each other. There is no sacrifice in one night stands, multiple partners, unprotected sex, unplanned pregnancies & abortions.
None whatsoever. It is selfish. It is I don't want to wait,
and I don't want you to be the only one I sleep with. I want to feel good NOW. That is called lust. Lust waits for no one. It's an urgency to get what you want, when you want it. True Love waits. It says I will sacrifice what I want for you. For God. Young people don't know what Love is, they just know they want to feel good. Whatever it takes. They aren't thinking about life long commitment. The price is that you take all this "stuff" with you as you move on with your life. Pieces of other people with you as you enter into other relationships. Yes, I was forgiven and washed clean in Jesus but I took some bad habits, emotions, and memories into my marriage for my husband to deal with. For me to have to deal with years later. Oh how I wish I knew then there was a worthy man out there who deserved all of me. Oh how I wish I didn't give my "handouts" out. To remain pure until marriage and give that gift to my spouse? How amazing! Do parents think it's just not possible now? That teen hormones are just too uncontrollable? Or even adult hormones! There is self-control with the holy spirit. There is hope in Jesus! I just didn't know. I don't think many do know or really believe that. Oh God, please speak to their hearts, love on them so they know what True Love is! Good things aren't easy to attain, it takes work. Make someone pay the price-no freebies. You were fearfully and wonderfully made! (Psalm 139) Your whole make up is precious, everyone doesn't deserve to have you or even know you in that way. You have gifts and desires, talents and passions that don't have to be shared with anyone willing to date you. Save some of it. Hoard your precious goods for your husband or wife.
  You may think that sex is no big deal; and that you can afford to sleep with multiple people. Or even you can get over someone by sleeping with another. Wrong. So wrong. I thought all these things worked for me. :( No they didn't. Up at night, crying & journaling to God that I wanted MORE! Pain & hurt is all I got. Nothing more. Women you weren't made to handle so much rejection. You were created to love and nurture! You need the commitment with the sex. You desire intimacy and affection; you can't live off one night stands, 3 month sex partners. You yearn for more and God wants you to have more! I promise. God created that security in a marriage covenant. Please wake up :(  most of my pain in my life stems from sex outside of marriage. If I would have never done it, I wouldn't have had the attachments I had to certain men. I wouldn't have been faced with abortion or disease; heartache. High school drama that was avoidable. None of it- had I just saved myself for my husband. So, I'm telling you please, please cling to God's Word. Know that His creation for His people is for our benefit! Not to harm us, but for our good. Forget only waiting 90 days or until he moves in or even proposes. If he loves you, He will wait and wait and wait. However long it takes. Why? Because when we truly love someone we put their needs/wants before ours. We esteem them higher than ourselves. If he doesn't want to wait, then you know he's not the one. If he's not willing to wait for you, what makes you think he'll commit to you later on? What makes you think he'll sacrifice for you? That's just it- he won't. If you don't make someone work for you, they won't. Period. You think people are that nice? That loving? No! People are selfish. Everybody is out for themselves-which is the opposite of love (1 Corinthians 13:4)

I don't know why this was so heavy on my heart today, but I'm praying especially for the younger generation. I'm going to tell my kids to wait. It is possible to be content with the love of God until marriage. You don't have to be needy for attention-you can be filled in Christ. Never have a need to be loved apart from God because it is in HIM where all needs are met and all voids are filled. You can't find something unless you KNOW what it looks like. Therefore, you have to seek and find God first (Jeremiah 29:13). Because He IS LOVE (1 John 4:8). And it is possible to find someone who shares your same desires of purity. Although, I didn't remain a virgin, my husband & I did wait until we said "I DO." It was a beautiful exchange of Love and I thank God for keeping us both until then.

 I tell you that so you know it is possible to wait. (Anything is possible with God- Matthew 19:26)

God's way is better. It always has been and always WILL be. I love you. Please...wait.

Love me,
Love God.


  1. Amen! Purity IS Possible :) My Husband and I are living Testimony of it! We Waited until WE WERE MARRIED! I Do NOT Brag on ourselves yet, I Brag on the Holy Spirit! I concur with Jewel "There is self-control with the holy spirit." God Bless You All! God Bless You Jewel for such an Inspiring & Transparent Blog. :o)

    1. I love it :) it's an amazing thing,I wish more people would experience it...God bless you guys and thanks for reading and posting :)